Mood Floral and Fauna

Are we there yet?

That is what everybody is asking to sister Spring, because she keeps changing her mind and taking her time, but what can we say, we will just be patient and take things one day at a time. While we wait, let’s talk the beauty of Spring and more about plants, honey, because they are gold.

The terrarium, I had one, and over watered it, bought another one, and now I spray it instead. We live and you learn, and grow just like plants.

The Bonsai, since the Karate kid introduced me to Mr. Miyagi, I just loved the idea of a Bonsai tree, after all these many years, nothing has changed, I still love them in concept, but I haven’t ventured over to the practice, I may entertain it, anything is possible. Let me know if you like Bonsai trees in the comments down below, or terrariums. Moving on…

Hanging pathos, I have two, they are very hearty plants, with gorgeous leaves. I have 2 marble hanging, one marble pathos climbing, and a potted neon pathos. They are like one big pathos family. I highly suggest them.

Leaf variations, snake plants, inspiration and such…

I love the idea of bringing the outside in, I grew up around plants, its apart of my heritage, and I just love the idea of planting and living as balanced as possible with nature. So remember plants are friends, and they love us because they give us oxygen for our carbon, and that is a match made in heaven.

Be well, stay blessed and prayerful.

Until next time.

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