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Meet Minneapolis

Being from Southside Minneapolis I have a very long standing and multiolicitous relationship with my city, I have always known out of the Twin Cities, I was more like her, in style and in flavor. I do have a Twin, he has more of a laid back St. Paul nature. I love the chic, entertaining city life. Minneapolis for what it’s worth never disappoints. The “Why?” Behind this is, I am an artist, that loves all kind of art, and I am at home around artist, who are in fact themselves art.

It paints the stories I tell, in dimensions of new perspectives. People from all background types here, in the city. We don’t live out loud, we live in peace, most of the time, unless we turned to a different channel, as what has happened in recent times.

My memories of the Southside, are of old well built large houses, the Emerald City, (Downtown), Cosmopolitan living, Parks, and Museums. Not to mention the elementary school, and that fact we are generations deep at this point.

I used to want to venture out and live elsewhere, I did, many times. This to and fro.

Some places are old stomping grounds, remnants of yesterday, and the musings can still hit, when someone drives down the road playing an old school jam, like..Reminisce, by Mary J. Blige, taking me back to the times.

The romance always met me on my way out, or on my way home. The architecture, and mansions of an old Minneapolis few remember, as it had Minnesota character, not stock to appraise, oh times have changed.

The simple things are the best, and I hope we preserve what we have left. The sirens scream all night, what’s going on out there past the moonlight? Are we back to 1996, what’s happening to our respect?

Dreamily down paths of digital euphoria, all contained in ones mind, while the body goes no where, local politician with guises but does any body care?

To not need the police, there is a whole lot of commotion going on. There is no where for anyone to go, without calling in advance or by appointment. There is no where for the children to go. I wept for them yesterday, this is the worst reality for anyone to ever know.

But I too, have to breathe and take life slow, we are all so over exposed we forget what we know.

More Minneapolis photos down below. Thanks for coming through for this photo and poetry session ya’ll.

Photo by me, Stephanie

Until we meet again.

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