Chilly days in February 2021

The days have been becoming progressively colder since the start of February. I must say being as a Minnesotan, complaining about the weather or not, we can see negative temps quicker then anyone can bat an eye.

The cold has no favorites, anyone caught out there will reap heavy consequences as the chill can freeze, and that’s that on the topic. Its important to dress in layers, make hot dishes to keep warm, and to have left overs, work more, if you can, the cold deters most from wanting to frolic outdoors.

Save, save, save

And eat stews, and rice dishes that can last a long time and fill up the belly. Get back into hobbies, spend time reading, or practicing good skin care. There is time for self improvement in down time.


Homeless shelters and resources for those outdoors are important to support. The pandemic has hit so hard, it has crushed some economically and even in the era of tiny houses, and innovations, very few of the products actually get to those who need it. Reach out, if you can to see what you can do to help.


Should be first on the list, but here we go. Prayer is important to maintain a good state of mind and a humble perspective. Its important to take control of our thoughts, and maintain positivity through finding the lesson in disappointments, we can’t fix others but we can fix ourselves.

Invest in your environment

Make sure you have what you need. Food, shelter, and clothing. Maintain healthy relationships, talk about what bothers you, or journal. Create a comfortable space for yourself to dwell and be inspired. Cocoon yourself in the things that inspire you, and dont let the things of this world weigh heavy on you.

Believe better

Sky is always the limit, and there is no limit after that. Stand strong in who you are, everyone has a personal truth, and who will stick up for it, if we don’t? Stay strong, stay true!

Be aware of your Destination, and enjoy the journey.

Where are we headed? Individually, this is a question that we must ask ourselves. Where we spend a lot of our time becomes the journey, and the end result of our efforts becomes our destination. Be aware, in this life, you do get what you paid for, in the end.

So this is February, cold, straight up and real. We are in the second month of the year and it’s important to preface it with a call to growth, better ideas, and bigger dreams. Cheers, to each and everyone.

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