Style Aesthetic

The truth is, I have been styling women successfully since I was 17. Before that I loved fashion and style by proxy of my parents and family. Mom has style, just because. And taught me that there is an art to living well, and money does not have as much to do with it as one might think.

That decor of the home creates peace and uniformity. That eating for health is wealth, also that beauty and hygiene take time. Rest is best, after working hard. And, moderation is key, along with countless other things, but let’s start here, and explore why.

The Art of life is to live well

To know that we are worth a good life, is so important,when we think of our rights, one of the most important is the right to take care to be well. We can make sure we are protecting our mental health by creating positive routine that promote us to be our best selves . One of these routines include health, for without it, we have nothing .

Diet, it is a trend amongst my family to eat less meat, and embrace vegan style dishes. This of course, will require creativity, but it is important to eat the rainbow. Meats can make the digestive system slow. Also, listen to your body, it may not like certain foods as much as you do, its important to align.

Eat your vitamins, when we have energy, we get more done, our mind is positive,we believe better, and often our days improves, but it can’t do it all buy itself, a great day starts with good choices.


Beauty takes time, do your best at sticking to skin routines, work out regimes, and hair appointment, if you don’t DIY, stay confident, things may not be easy these days, but we still can care for ourselves in ways that are impactful. Throw on your favorite shade, curate a cute casual capsul wardrobe that can respond to any occasion.

Show Love!

Take inventory of your loved ones, reach out, be present,catch up, and build back important relationships that have lost to the rigors of time. Someone can benefit from your smile or kind words.

Make it Great!

Host virtual parties or small modest get together’s with friends, start a great novel, or write one, pull out albums, journal, get to know your community, participate where you can.


There can always be benefit in persistence and knowing ones worth is numero uno, when it comes to your bottom line, learn the power of negotiation.

Know your rights!

The internet has so much information, and knowledge is power, however knowing the fundamentals of the law and your citizenship can help in being a better citizen. Make it a daily read, and teach a friend. Each one Teach one, tell a friend!


Learn to live creatively in patience, save money sometimes, learn to cook a great cuisine, learn to create your own ambiance, celebrate where you are at and keep working on yourself, because you compete with no one else.

Pray all day every day, to stay away from nonsense, and that God, blesses and keeps you and yours, pray for the world everyone needs it.

Be grateful!

Life comes at us fast, but if we think about we are enough!

Until next time!

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