Eastern Suite 11/ 2020

This era, month and mood, bring me to place of introspection. The world around us are revisiting lock downs and slowly we are starting to realize, things have gotten so bad, because it’s obvious, we stopped paying attention. Letting this world zombie us, now we are looking for redemption, but who can save us from ourselves?

This is not to be moody, to bring back into focus that willful compliance is a real thing. There are so many distractions that keep us from the things that are important. We waste years on habits, people and addictions, just to wake up and realize, we are out of time and there is no do overs. Living for this world is losing because we end up chasing pavements with no retirement plan. Punked by illusions, trapped in dreams, tortured by the monster of our own making.

The idea is not to isolate ourselves in our own mental bubbles where the truth depends on the cloat of the one speaking it. Where the favored wins best on popularity points, a lot of us, have long been out of high school, yet still don’t realize illusion are just that.

We force ourselves to digest tragedy, and trauma storylines, to share the worst of ourselves, to not restrict our own diets when it comes to daily distractions and temptations. Though the path it leads too is laced with peril, we refuse to look away.

Trips we take to escape ourselves, no one is to blame for where we find ourselves. The rabbit whole is a journey to self, the you you left behind, trying to become someone else.

There is power in the person you will find down the line, purpose is in the hand of the true you, not your illusionary, made for t.v. self.

The more time it takes to dig deep, you may find that there is no real mystery, that behind each rock lies pieces of you scattered amongst the relics, places and spaces of history.

The children have to see better. That is why digesting a crappy diet, leaves to indigestion, it has no nutritional value, so in fact, it can do nothing for you.

But, I digress, none the less the one who will learn will have the lesson for future use.

The purpose of this whole lyric, is to convince you not to degrade you, or be ashamed of you, especially if you don’t want nobody else to do it.

Stay fluid, and appreciate all you have, like my man Bruce states, all things are temporary and ain’t meant to last, dont spend your life chasing pavements.

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