Mood Style, November 2020

Her Path, by Stephanie Mann

This is one of my oldest art pieces, it was created in 1999, and speaks to my love of all things, art, beauty, decor and cosmopolitan inspiration. It was a vision to mash all these things together in one place, Urban Gypzy has become that modern place for me. I love to create mood boards, and garner inspiration from other visionaries to fuel forward.

Miss. Hill by Stephanie Mann

It has been 21 years, and I am only just getting started walking towards the things of my dreams. Sometimes you know who you are early, but you think you should become more, or different because the robots on T.V and media tell us so. Its vital to forge a path that goes after the fire you love to chase, there is something real about the secret part of us, as it is the destined part of us. Now just think about that..

Star Flower, by Stephanie Mann

This November mood style board introduced by my personal art, as seen above as well as my curated style and life style inspiration, an expression of this mysterious month, see below.

This month is about letting go, as well as getting into the spirit of what dreams may come. It may be true for many of us, that we may be holding on to clutter that is actively distracting us from our purpose, and also gets in the way a pursuing a spiritual relationship with God. Clutter in the form of things that we buy to cover up past traumas, or things that we do to ourselves that keeps attached to things that dont equate to progress or prosperity. No matter what anyone tells you, it is better to be a quality person, then to just wear quality clothes, life is not just about an image, it is also about character.

Vibe protection, joy is so rare you actually have actively protect yours, from the joy stealers that are the misery loves company type. To be happy you have to actively do things, put in routines and work to stay balanced. There are energy vampires about, and they love your sun, but only leave pain. A prayer life is essential as well, while protecting and respecting your personal space.

Capsule wardrobe. In this era we may go out, we may stay in, chances are..


By using a capsule wardrobe morning’s become less complicated, life goes along, and you stay put together the whole time. We are still living, we mustn’t let pajamas win, stay together, but capsule size your daily choices for time and stress sake.

Next on our list

This is going to be an odd comparison, but I believe we are in a crisis when it comes to personal relationships, intimacy and communication. No one really wants to talk about how bad things are, because that does not sell hallmark cards, in a world were the pseudo self is queen or king, the ego rages out of control and communities and communication starts to perish. I believe that plants are friends, and by caring for a plant you can learn to listen from the heart again, it is not a animal it can’t love on you, you can’t manipulate it, or use it as a teddy bear, the natural exchange is oxygen, the reciprocity is getting to know it, the reward is watching it grow without an obligation.

Society would do well to invest in greenhouses and green spaces, until then, think about growing yourself by having a relationship with a plant friend.

Okay, ok, enough about plants, for now.🌱💯

Journaling, and reading..When I need to reduce screen time and get away for hours on the weekend, journaling and getting back into old books I have shelved give me back such creativity and clarity. Whether reading the Word of God, or an old book from my thrifting adventures, it is like meditation, we realize the background changes, but humanity fights against the same issues generation after generation, and there is nothing new under the sun.

Great conversation are key, in this era, it seems like talking heads, and biased reporting, but books still exist, great writers and philosophers words still live on, there a so many conversations to have, the U.S. Constitution is a splendid read, we should all brush up on.

Incubation is key

We are all in this journey together, it has never been more apparent in history then it is now. My thoughts and prayers are with one and all, we will overcome together. Until next time.

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