Fall Extravaganza.


As we find ourselves going into fall 2020, we know inevitably, the days will get shorter and shorter, the weather will chill, and we will have to fight through the season as best we can. As the world now finds itself in a climate conundrum, and while our current media seems more like a gossip channel that is hard to take serious. We find ourselves holding on for dear life to our mental health. Everyone is affected way more then anyone can say. I love to stay sober to the state of the world, but we are here and there are other ways that we can stay inspired, to keep pushing through no matter the season change.

This is the time to believe that their is still room for possibilities, perhaps get to know ourselves a little more. To develop skills that we never thought we would ever have the time to do. I guess we shall determine how we will walk out of this.
Inspiration comes from many places I am getting very inspired just thinking about what I have planned in this post as mentioned, we are going extravagant, and look at gold tones, black and ivory tones, they are perfect undertones, they are neutrals of the season for sure.
All because I bought an ammonite necklace and have always love the sacred geometry of the spiral, this shape is inspired by fossils many thousands of years old. Personally, I do take to items that carry a little bit of history.
Pumpkin tones and deep floral patterns even filigree are wonder ways to show print and texture.
Balloon sleeves, button up, eyelet touches, tucked into a statement floral, coral. This gives me Mexico City vibes, if life ever life drifts me in that direction, this would be my outfit of choice.
Luxe, where ever you go, there you are. When you look good and bring the sophistication, the mystery meter goes up, as does the mystique.

Its the drama of the moment, the frill and excitement, just to be there, an entrance maker, that owns the room.

Dazzle and shine with the simplistic chic and black

Don’t blend in be bold, and maybe you will see why it is a must!

Inspired by art, style and fashion from around the world, I must say, I love the expression of self through clothes. I remember when I was young, I read so many magazines from Jet to Vogue, I did not care about anything other then if the editor did their job and giving me the looks that made me go YASSS!

There is this need to be expressive, melodramatic in tones and cuts, but real cool and level headed when it comes to making decisions, and what more do you need when you bring your style along with you. Do you have certain cuts or colors that inspire you in the fall? If so, do tell.

The chill down

So, Who Likes to Eat!

Something quick and simple, and tries all by itself. a begat dressed in goodness and convenient to eat when you are on the go.

Cake anyone?

FALL in Love with Cozy Spaces

Pink Satin, vintage glamour, what more can I say?

Pink Floral and Turquoise, with black and white undertones.

Floral romance, I just love it! If someone asked me what would I do with all those roses, I would say, “Turn it into rose water and rose oil for bath.
Fall colors are bright and alluring, showing nature on display, a dazzling presentation reminding us to seize the day.
1980’s baby, 1960’s chic, brown girl basic ‘do, with a French attitude.

Spiral and Springy, red and zingy, way to show off vivid color come Fall.

Play up the ponytail and give it flair.

Pink wings!
As we endure into this phase of the year, ready to prepare to burrow in. Even in this pandemic era, we still have to find great ways to enjoy our spaces, and find time to spend with loved ones, and to also spend time alone.

Earrings bring more to an outfit then I can say, I learned from a good friend of mine. Punctuate your outfit, right

This is a time to get back to nature, and as much as possible escape the cityscape for a moment and breathe in God’s artistic expression of love for us, nature. While we are there we should think of better ways to give back to this ailing world.

Speaking of boutique, cafes and parks and non fires. Make the most of the upcoming season.

This is the season to to stay the course, and keep the faith. There are so many wonderful things that Fall inspires, so many moods and as the days get colder and shorter remember your peace of mind, your health and your joy are so important, but it is not easily kept. Fight for your peace and defend your joy. Until next time.

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