Thrive in Isolated Spaces. April 2020

To those who never have time to do, to be, to make, to create. The time is now!

One thing is for sure, we are all on punishment, lock down and the spaces and places we usually visit or closed, and for most, the economic impact has been surreal. This is a call to conscious, as many watch their way if life blow like dust from their hands. The world is in a crisis, and it won’t take money but genius and God’s mighty hand to save the day.

Footprints is and will always be my favorite poem.
It was always in the bathroom, at our old house, to read it each day, and now I’m sure of God’s amazing Grace.

This is a time to stay motivated, by faith we must move forward, take care of ourselves, work smarter and not harder, and to stay informed in the facts, not sensationalism and distractions from things that aren’t essential.

Self talk, must be love talk. To live is to love your possibilities and not being afraid to shine.

There is so much to talk about. All the same no one needs more bad news. This post seek to inspire, as all previous post, but I also seek to have the conversation, something that I am seeing, and want to add a place and space for it here. This post will be style, fashion, decor that centers around living ones best life, minimalism, and eating healthy, because you have to stay well.

Believe it and receive it!

Cooped up in the house? Budget anyone? Need ideas? I have a few.

Ways to save money, I’ve been a minimalist for 7 good months, and I have learned in a world of plenty how to live with less. There was plenty, but only so much money, I started doing the math a decade ago, but only now could I truly understand that living with what you need and value leads to a whole different life. In the halt of the world due to the massive effect of the coronavirus, the shock of its impact still continues to send electric shock waves to businesses, thereby effecting people, and it’s unforseen how long it will last. I have been thinking about it, and perhaps it’s time to go back into our roots and dig up cultural ways to stay well in this time. From home organizing, ducluttering or downsizing to buying staples and cooking in bulk. Making snack packs, and always having beans and rice on deck. Financially at this time only invest in essentials, and extra money put in a rainy day fund, and study via the Internet how to do minor diy upgrades to your space.

Meal prep
Make prepackaged snack to curve the amount of food waste. Keep your family healthy buy feeding them well.

Work at home? Get dressed every day, create a business space, stay motivated to help others in this time. Essential worker? I salute you, battling outside, seperating your self to assist. Eat well, sleep well and limit social media for the time being to stay mentally strong. Laid off worker, you have three options, go the unemployment route, hustle your gifts online, or find work that is essential for the time being, it will be a time that necessity will mother invention yet again.

We must learn to think outside of the box


I hope writers find themselves writing again, differently this time more informed, and less propagandic. I also dream that artist once again, drive us to be a better society, as we borrow this world, we don’t own it.

My new favorite art is inspired by simple beauty and natural spaces.

Speaking of artist in the rise.

Meet Reyna Noriega

Her art is all over social media, I love to use her works in post alot. @reynanoriega
Be sure to check her out when you get a chance.
She works with color, her art of exotic places with brown people.✨💃

Decor, how much is too little, how much is enough?

Everyone has their own style. I like color myself, culture is key, but keep it minimal, as I like looking under chairs, in corners and on top of tables and shelves without seeing clutter.
Life is more with less
Chic and modern
A touch of the dramtic

Style may not be all the rage at home however, it can be.

Protective styles will go a long way…
Get creative, find those beads..
Create the next trend, by just being yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post, more to come. Stay well, and prayed up in this Jungle. May God be with us all.

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