Inside Inspiration..Marching in April.

Well we are inside and we may as well use this time to stay inspired, and prepared because self development never gets old, and cooped up inside can teach us a lot about ourself.

So we have to slow down and live, and in this case we have come to a screeching hault, never thought this would happen? That’s ok, it has we can move on from that now.

I bet, sharing my mood heading out of March moods into April, we gotta just keep going people, lol.

First Mood Style

Frank Morrison
Standing on the shoulders of my parents influence and history, inspired by the lives and sacrifices of the many woman and men who had a solid impact on the world.
This is what leadership looks like to me.
Call me romantic, but you have to fall in love with the Word of God to find your gift. All else is sinking sand.
Now that I’ve said a lot about how I feel, and about life and love. Let’s bring on the style portion of this post.
It’s Spring, or at least it will be, let’s dive in. Ruffles, puffy 1/2 sleeve baby doll, with crew collar, so unique, it works. Cheers to polka dots! Always a classic 💯.

White is back, and fluffier then ever, 🍐 with a casual Jean, and partial slouch booties. Perfect for this hot one day, cold the next weather pattern.
As we continue to transition, what is Spring without ice pink and leopard?
Let’s introduce color, one day travel will be permitted again. Hopefully tourist come to pour in and not just take from locals. Travel inspires, and I am here for it.
Texture, and mastering the headwrap. Power earrings and move like a boss!
Coordinated Culture, love the lemon and grey combo.🍋🍋🍋
Shoes! I mean tho’
Mixed Prints and pencil skirt and button up blend.

Food and style go hand and hand.

While playing in your closet putting looks together, why not also dip into recipes, like…

My favorite, along with so many others❤️🏹
Mixed blend and veggie based. Why not emerge from the shelter in place a better ( not a different ) version of yourself.
Say yes to eating your vitamins, they can be very tasty.
Let veggies take the stage, and be amazed by the results.

Now, we must love our spaces. Decor is so important to the mind. I have some ideas, and will share below.⬇️

A very Grand gesture, emerald inspiration.
I am into water inspired planting fits right into a wonderful idea for decor.
Such a unique way to have a herb garden.
Things that can be useful, down the road.
Just a smart ideas, great for my croissants.
I just love the idea of ceramics, so smart and durable. Not to mention stunning.
Art inspiration, I love coffee and teas from around the world.🌏

Inspired by deco art, as well as nouveau art.

Native Art and it’s geometry. Tag the artist
Art that makes us think, and feel at the same time. tag the artist.
I really hope you enjoy reading the inspiration board, Marching into April, stay healthy, safe and prayerful. Be inspired!
Couple goals!

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