Gypzy Style 2020

So, there have been countless line emerging introducing Spring/Summer 2020, as well as Fall/Winter 2020. I must admit I see some classic themes re-emerging. Silhouette, defined waist, flowy and ethereal looks as well as sharp motifs.

Audrey in all classic.⭐
There never anything new under the sun, the best as yet to be seen.
Drawing by Stephanie

The style approach I love personally, is when someone I meet has the eye for style, can see it out it together, make it pop. I have been a stylist in my life time and realize so much that everyone needs style inspiration. It helps to cope with the uncontrollable world around us. We add color to our lives with style, also it tells the world who we are. I have a few style inspirations I would like to share with you.

Beauty and Strength 💯🔥
Layered looks with a pop of color 🏹
Who say’s you can’t be cute and cozy?🤷
Love the shine and soft details..❤️
The red lip, the big hair, the confidence, just lovely😍
When you look like your ancestors, and are completely un-bothered. True style is born with you. Stunning!
Love birds are always style inspiration, life inpiration too 😁
Casual, and chic, go wherever and look good doing it.⭐
For my foodies, Chicken Curry..stay inspired.
Water gardens!!!😁😁😁. I just can’t get enough of seeing these.
So I love pink, let’s just get that out there, lol..It looks so good most everywhere.🌸
I’m just saying, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. I love this design. To all of you Mom’s and Dad’s out there.
I love pink and flowers, so..Makes since right?
As my mom will always say, food is medicine!
Color, beauty, romance, dreamscapes, still like that.💖
Food finesse 😍
For all my artists and creatives out there.✨💃
Barbie has changed for the better
Warm soup, cozy sweaters and blankets, are all the rage in Minnesnowtah.
Eat your vitamins!💋
Mixed prints! Please do🌻
The eyes have it!
More water garden stuff, because I’m really feeling them.
Ok, she would named Charlene Larouge, and she would be a superhero. I have quite the imagination.
Simple and complex at the same time. Soft, yet with a strong root. Styled so sharply.
No one should feel lonely when you love who it is you have to love, that can mean ourselves too.
Why change the name, the expression says it all. She would be a superhero too.
Sending love to those who need, prayers to those as well.
Dream a little dream for me, one day, Urban Gypzy will be on location.
Thai peanut and Shrimp my favorite, had this weekend, so good.
Remember when I said ethereal and dreamscape?
When you got that glow. I am all about gut health, that’s real wealth.
More water gardens..
Curls, yes. I also have natural curls, we fight all the time. However, when there is an agreement between moisture and everything comes together. That’s fantastic. My natural hair inspiration.
Strawberry loveliness on top of more goodness, with deliciousness inside.
Style ready, where we going? Anywhere in that outfit.
Eat slow, write a little something, play an old school tune. Live in the moment.
Bathroom equals happy place.
Love the minimal chic decor.
My family ranges in tones and cultures. It’s good to know there is a gene that explains how truly international a people can be.

2 thoughts on “Gypzy Style 2020

    1. Thank you Michelle. I appreciate that you commented, it means the world to me. I like how there is always a beautiful exchange when it comes to inspiration. May your days be golden, always.


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