February Focus 2020

It’s not easy to maintain focus when it seems as if you are carrying weight while walking up a steep hill. Things start to ache, and it seems in the pain that it will be impossible to reach the peak of our dreams. There is not enough living in the in-between, in some way we become our superficial self living on autopilot. We stop asking ourselves if this is the actual direction that we want to go in, or if we are content with the way things are going.

There can be coaches, mentors, guides, friends and loved ones with advice, but the truth is we must live with the life we create, we may as well be intentional about it.

In the mirage of media, our mental health often rest on illusions, profit and desire. We don’t even come clean to ourselves about who we have become with the onslaught of all this access. The world needs leaders, people need encouragement, but all that is being sold in this day of age is a bill of goods, that you may not want, but can’t take back.

Where is happiness to be found chasing pavements, always dissatisfied, and never awake to how the energy we bring to the table can affect others. We will have to one day attest to our decision, and being disassociated is not an excuse when you are operating daily in the public arena.

There is still a mystery to life, a beautiful poetry that exist in the quiet Dawn, that inspires us to discover ourselves. There is peace in prayer and happiness in forgiveness. These themes are not popular, but they are life giving.

Find enjoyment in finding yourself, explore the adventures that can be found inside, then treat yourself well, love who you are and need less from others, but give more in time, love, support and encouragement. This is the real value, priceless, and rare.

Photo by Stephanie
Photo by Stephanie
Photo by Stephanie

It’s a cold time of year, most of us are hibernating, keeping routines, staying hydrated and cozy, there is always room for improvement. May we all learn to break out of our cocoon, and emerge at the end of this season, as a butterflies.

Stand out from the background!
Failure builds confidence and character, so..Try, try again.

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