January Jump Off 2020

The times they are a changing

January 2020, is finally here the beginning of the best as we only strive to get better, and stronger. What I want, I will either contribute the energy until the goal is satisfied or I won’t, my award will be the measure of my effort, and my effort is my signature.

“Dance while your young to build endurance when you you are old.”

Where are all the ones that still like to live? Where adventure is wherever they go and whatever they do? You don’t live to escape from life, you need to live it!

Do the impossible

Our minds can be prisons, holding us in to a game of rewind and repeat. Past guilts and frustration hold back the possibility. But to free your mind, is to free your being.

Empathy is to understand, not pity.

This society likes to only speak when injustice hits the mighty and not the meek. So let the meek be mighty.

What did they give us that drove us so much apart?

This story is a battle now, our love has became the battle ground, I look like you so you go grab the hounds, mirroring the hatred that got you bound. So if you bind me, then they are free to get you, but you can’t see me, I have been replaced with the fantasy that consumes you. Will you sober to the truth?

Tea talk

Tea talk needs to change, we need to talk about politics, law, passions and pursuits. We need to strive for a level of education, awareness and consciousness, that we can have tea time, anywhere.

Be you ti ful

When we show up we actually allow ourselves to interact with a space, place in time. We get contribute in ways that bring gifts both to ourselves and others. We find we are apart of a fabric, most beautifully made that includes us. How can we not shine bright?

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