Consistently and Patiently.

The world is watching!

In this New Year we have seen wildfires rage in Australia, a bombing in Iran, which caused dispair to a whole region, A Mississippi Prison out of control, quality of life all over the world is being challenged. New AI systems are being created, smart grids, consumer privacy compromised, and gadget are getting smaller and smaller. Yet all most of us can do is to talk about money, ambitions and drama to stay relevant in this social paradigm.

Where have all the flowers of truth blown away to?

Devastation in the wake of annihilation

No one can ignore even in world traveling that people have been radically effected by greed and the need to have more then one can use. It does not yield our need to consume, and the inconsiderate ways we do so.

The world is a very large place

World wide the climate anguish experienced by animals, fish, plants and human alike is perpetually being ignored, we are glued to devices witnessing the travesty like an HD movie with apathy, if we had any faith we would no there a few super heroes amongst the flourided masses, we all struggle, but we need to talk about it and hold people accountable for the harm that has been done to our planet that is too often if ignored.


The world needs leaders in love with humanity and not fame to change the game.

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