Descending the stairway of December

This month has been very revolutionary for me, turning 38 felt like a quiet awakening, a time for assessment, and sorting through the past with a better handle on what truly was, and has officially gone. The process of letting go of preconceived notions, old truths long debunked as well as romanticising the things, people places that have not been serving me, and my needs. It feels good to let go of mental and emotional clutter that doesn’t belong to me and awaken to myself lighter and unchained.
Cheers to 2020!

It can be easy to get comfortable, the challenge is striving past comforts to greatness.

I have found myself in this season, trying to balance out booking shows, being there for family as well as personal development of the professional sort to create the life that serves my interests, and honors the way I want to move in life. I strive to have more interpersonal relationships, more dinner parties and great wine. I also want to read and write more, find ways to explore my city, and any other place I happen to go. I want to create as if I have to make the world around me better. Post more content, push past tired to produce as much as I can manage while trying to stay balanced with self care and quality time.

Fantastic show, great people, great night.


I have to trust in what I know, stand firm in my beliefs and keep my mind aware but not getting lost in the forest of white noise, but to remain cognizant and faithful.
Love makes a difference.
Prayer also helps.

Personally I have accepted the fact that I am a romantic at heart, I see life like an epic love affair that is forever landscaped by beautiful back drops and dazzling characters full of life and un-bothered by this paradoxical world.
Mystery of love hidden, but perfect for you.

It’s our honor to seek it out.

Places visited in song, to drift to in dreams.

For dreamers who seek to strike out in to the world with their visions fashioned tightly on their sleeve, the wolves see them, smiles glowing in the dark night, where most have already lost hope. They walk excitedly knowing they are armed by faith.

Winter’s kiss

Winter keeps us preserved and rested for the bustle of other approaching seasons.

A perfect time for reading, organizing, planning, delving in new recipes, mending clothes, or designing, budgeting and making do. It’s a pretty sane time to get a hold of your ever drifting soul, to rest by the fire and be warmed by it’s glow.

In life sometimes we move so fast and can’t remember, as we stay on autopilot. To get oneself back is to actually live.
“The most important time in history is now…”

-Talib Kweli

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