December 2019, the end of a decade.

Do you remember where you were 10 years ago?

Sagittarius fire

As time moves into a new era it’s important to reflect on where we are right now compared to where we have been. Are we happy with the direction our lives are going? Do we feel inspired by the lives we are living?

Words to live by

We are in the most propagandist era ever known. Everyone has something to sale, a pitch, a plan a scheme. There are more digital hustlers then a little bit standing waiting for an unfulfilled person to sale magic pixie dust to, and most of us take the bait. We live a life often unexamined and reactionary, moving at the speed of light, scared to slow down and reflect. The problem with that is, our mental health and quality of life sorely depends on us taking a step back, and listening to our own bodies.

Misses Move in Silence

I had a time with planning to become a minimalist this year, opting out of buying food every day, selectively budgeting to have what I will need to live off of for two weeks. Making all my meals, and designating splurge money for certain things. It’s my birthday month and I find quality company, great conversations, and time well spent to be gold. I am trying to be a planner when it comes to how to live within my means. In the meanwhile studying the economy, watching documentaries on the what’s what when it comes to most of us. Most of us overspend, are overwhelmed by credit card debt, or debt in general, we still spend and ignore warning signs, and eventually find ourselves stressed every month like clock work. The money is only one problem, we still have no idea where we will be in 10 years, we don’t act or eat like we care, and we should, because we can make important changes right now.

Minimalism is Maximising the quality of our lives

This is not to be preachy, but do not preachers observe what most refuse to see… Consider what is ideal to you, strip away the every thing until you see the bare bones of its value. If it can sustain you wholely, it worth holding onto, if it won’t, consider freeing yourself up for the places, people and experiences that do.

Until Next Time..

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