OCTOBER Sky..2019

It is October, chill and crisp, I can see the faces through the rain and can tell most are not ready for the season change. I spent all summer preparing for the season change. I got an apartment closer to work, started practicing minimalism, and trying to get on point with expenses, as moving cost up to two months if income to fully transition.

I booked an performance in September, for November 6th, 2019. The R.A.W event called Stellar, is an amazing opportunity to flex my performance skills. I hope you check it out, there are many other artist who will be also featured. I am so very excited to be apart of the event. Check the link below for details.


Also, there is the management of day to day life. Budgeting and respecting a doller is new to me to be honest. I spent a great part of my life earning and spending money with no rhyme or reason. I realize that my future is not my past, and I can get better at appreciating my hard earned money, and not trying to find reasons to put my resources in other people’s pockets unnecessarily.


Cajun Boil on Franklin and Nicollet in Minneapolis, MN, is a great place for a date night, or girls night out. I had spicy clam boil, it was not expensive, it was more then enough food, and it was so good. The truth is I did not regret it a day later, so a recommend trying that resturaunt, if you are in the city and need food ideas.

I went to Marna’s Cafe for brunch yesterday. I had Pablo’s Special. That was eggs, refried beans rice, cheese, and spinach may be? It was an awesome way to start the day. The musician had an amazing voice and I had great conversation with a guy named James about the city of Minneapolis and travel, before I went grocery shopping for the next two weeks.

Though I may have went a little over board with the groceries, I know I will cook all my meals until my next date night, when I splurge a bit.

I ended my night talking with my mom, planning for my performance, and making an awesome dinner, for a job well done.

This morning, I am pinning on Pinterest for my next post, October Moods, and also the Look Book. For now I just want to share the love, as I embrace the beautiful of the season, and stick to my goals.

Though the days are getting shorter and colder please remember, you will, if blessed to do so, emerge from the darkness a shooting star⭐. Stay faithful, focused and free to be, and express who you are, and you will win. Until next time.

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