RAW: Stellar Minneapolis

There is going to be a great Art event at the Pourhouse Nov. 6th, 2019.@7pm


Several Minneapolis featured artist and I am excited to be one of them. The arts in general are a passion of mine. I have studied it, lived it, and even taught it over the years.

Collaboration photo by Stephanie and Anita Justice Ford (graphic design)
Purple Pride from the Southside


My last show designed and managed by me feature other artist, and this show does as well. Where is the Art’s community at? Will we challenge ourselves, Minneapolis? This show not only travels nationally, it also travels the globe. What opportunities are in store to meet and greet artist from all over the world. Social media is great, but some times we just have to get out there and make a splash. I am so with that, and so excited for my city to represent their works on that very marvelous night.

We are in the season of fashion weeks, and approaching the holiday season as well, it is a wonderful time to be excited, to get out there and meet and appreciate the artist and designers in your community, where ever you are on the globe, support your local artist.

I am designing a very special Southside Minneapolis tribute. It took me a while to appreciate growing up in Minneapolis, but my eyes are open as I have been other places and can honestly say, there is no place like home.

I hope to see a lot of support at the event, I hope everyone shows up, meet, mingle, find the one if they are single, lol..

It’s an event coming up ya’ll, it’s going to be Stellar!

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