There goes the neighborhood.

I have come a very long way since 2016, when my dad passed, the sound of the world just shut off. There was a lot of feeling around in the dark after that but through it all God is good and his grace and glory held me up and continue to keep me. The journey continues forward in gratefulness.
It is not easy being a woman, but it is amazing!
Look out my old room window, I had watched the sun come up every morning for the last two years. Living with mom, I really was able to find myself again. I had moving day fast approaching, time for new beginnings.
Ever moving around the city on my days off, it was as if every other weekend I just feel the need to explore, because I did all the errands on the previous weekend, of course.
Minneapolis and St. Paul are very biker friendly, alternatives for driving are everywhere, believe me, I know.
Peavey Plaza getting ready, to be ready, I see.
The local is a classic for me, in my younger days I would hang out and debate law students for fun. Great Times!
This part of tine where the old meets the new in harmony is called the Loring-Grand area. Cafe Lurcat and MCTC vibes.
Minneapolis used to be synonymous with Live Music, a lot has changed over the years, not necessarily for the better.
Not a food desert by any means…
And so, she looking at me, I am ready for it, say cheese!
There is a quality to life, if we apply the quality to ourselves, perhaps we can see and soon appreciate it.
So, we need each other, no matter what the world says, we are all in this together.
Topics in 2019 have been ravaged land, by war, storms, fire, floods, and other detestable crimes against the people. This has been a year where we actually watched as people lost everything over and over again, and it continues to happen on a global scale.
This right here is a manifesto, be great at the one thing you are good at, being you!
Until next time precious people.

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