Shopping Trip! Ridgedale Mall.

After eating at Redstone with Mom and Sis Tiffany, we went strolling in Ridgedale Mall. It is not all the mall I usually would go to, but my sister shops there so we spent the afternoon. I was delightfully surprised as I walked through and saw the options presented to me. Much smaller then my preferred Mall of America, but also more approachable, with little or no commitment. You can either pick up something and leave, watch a movie or find a great restaurant. I enjoyed myself, will return soon.
Lets talk about Sheer Treasures. I could not resist buying from this store because they had essentials. Black Soap, incense and oils, and so much more. I was lost looking around in this store, I almost lost sense of time. If you are ever at Ridgedale Mall check them out.
Crystals and Stones
An assortment of teas!
Spice grinders and other wonders/
I just loved the tree, and wanted it for myself.
More fabulous tree, that is so pretty.
Soaps and Stuff
Then there were art displays around of what I believe to be local artists. What a great idea for a Mall to feature artists work.
I guess if you get one picture, you get another.
Jean jackets are always a thing.
Adding pops of color via accessories, is just smart.
Studs with character I can dig.
Love these, but bought nothing, because I am getting better at this ‘look but don’t touch theory of relasavemony, lol.
I just wanted to say I almost gave up my navy blue and white pencil skirt, then I thought about it, it’s a classic, can’t give it up.
T-shirts are great for T-shirt day at work, if it applies, or the weekend errands . Just chillax with a cute T and be done with it.
Floral pants, I love all things floral, and these caught my eye.
I just really wanted a hot pink pair of jeans, sometimes, I think I just ooze 80’s baby.
More floras for you..
Purple is always theme here in the great state of Minnesota.
The mall is a very unifying place, ladies love it, I know I do.
And then there is complete randomness, and purple flowers.
After the rain visiting Tiff’s new place, I would move a month later..the saga continues, lol
My lovely sister gave me pre-house warming gifts for my new place.
There is me, looking all delighted, wearing my karma t shirt, so folks remember to check themselves.
The Minneapolis Central Library is a great place to escape and spend all day, what a gem.

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