Marching In..

March is a month of hope, there is the desire to see green, to see flowers, after being under the onslaught of snow and winter’s most merciless dumping here in the Twin Cities. Needless to say even snow can sap the inspiration that dances in with just the idea of Spring.

The Peacock and it’s brilliant colors exude the energy for the inspiration of March.

The themes that have been arriving to me has been a boost of floral, a boost of color. A pop of Spring. She is on the horizon and what a splash she will make. Everyone anticipates Spring and it is no secret. So there are a few curated gems that I have added to this Mood Board for March Inspirations.

A corner for writer’s , artists, musicians , dancers, theater nerds, sci- fi Afro futurists, and so much more..This place is for the storyteller at heart, the mind that does not mind imagining, dreaming, training..brainstorming.
From the start of the day to the finish GOD is the realest and never an illusion. That must be why faith is the substance of thing s hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1-6

This March we do not want to lose ourselves to the over saturation of media and still not be aware that Flint, Michigan and many other towns and cities in the U.S. not to mention the world, still does not have clean water. Leadership sits fat while everyday people squabble for the quality of life that they see in the magazines. Let us never shot our eye to the fact that their have been many homeless that we lost to the brutality of the cold. Let also not forget that many lost heat, and were cut off by their heating company that owns a monopoly on the heating and gas where they live. That children were just detain by ICE and literally families were ripped apart. They found a ridiculous amount of chemicals in vaccines and that the food we find is manufacture and we truly have no idea where any of the meat we consume comes from. That we are out here pressured to please when most of us are still just trying to put one foot in front of the other. Just don’t forget to think while you stop, look , and listen.

I dare to open my eyes and dream of travel

It could be the sense of wonder that I get when I open a book. Transitioning into another place and time with the wonderment of finding something new and exciting right around the corner. The thrill and enchanting of going to place that you can only otherwise find in books.

Deep purple and pink effect

The allure of color has to be the remedy for the blues of all this winter, and just knowing that the state of the world needs some definite refreshing, but hasn’t it always? I can not remember a time in my existence where the complete state of the world was not big news. We now have platforms for expression, and places to share dialogue and conversation. To reach out from where ever we are to say something important. I love the fact the we March into a time of knowing self care is king and finance is queen.

There are reasons to love the season shift..

Spaces and places that inspire story lines. Comfy places that create the scene. Find special places, or make one up yourself.
Again, the peacock inspiration and the Asiatic undertones, feels like the awakening of spring gilded with the love of detail
It is easy to get swept up in all the narratives that never quite fit anyway. To be finished with the fabrication of the world that was given to you. It is just fine to break up with the notion that you don’t know who you are, when you have been you all along. This life is lived best by lovers. The lovers of GOD, peace, love and joy with strong faith, will always find their way home.
Coral Pink Lip, consider it.
Striking eye color, again with the whole peacock theme, just going with it.
I am excited for all the hair conversations. I have been natural for 8 years, it is still a conversation that never gets old. The techniques, the products, not to mention the product ingredients. To be a natural women is to be chemist in her own right. it is not to even say that women know the natural hair secrets, it is to say when growing our hair natural we all still have a lot to learn. Stay open, but stay wise every natural hair technique does not work the same for everybody. I guess the natural hair journey is getting back to the basics of being yourself.
I am really excited to slowly introduce my favorite’s for the upcoming seasons. I know fashion magazine roll out forecast for the season many months in advance. I really want to get better at being on top of style because I just so love to curate it. I however will just dabble style here and there and here again, in between my commentary of course.
I love this style of shoe, I have always loved a classic shoe. I am not so into sneakers, but it is not to say if I come across ones I like I will be opposed to have them. At the end of the day for me comfort and versatility are key.
So there is this product called bio plastic that is apparently a not so new concept. I love the idea of anything that can lessen the impact of pollution on a major scale in our world. It is true that there are so many things to talk about in terms of what exists in the world, but I think that it is a pretty concepts. The debate is still out on how effective the product is. So this is not a being an advocate, as it is that there is a product on the market that claims that it is better than plastic, and on the other hand the jury is still not officially in on whether or not the product is effective. You be the judge?

I am talking about embellishments and the more the merrier. I love the idea of making something plain Jane pop.
What it is that is more impressive than the actual suit is the swagger of man that knows what he wants in life and is not afraid to go get it. It is more than a look, it is an enterprising feature that can both provoke attention and inspire. To be an impressive human being beats the ticket every time. March MAdness, is a man with a absolute plan.

This is not to the time to be apologizing for who you are this is the time for getting out there and making your own dreams come. Old enough to know know that you can walk with the experience that you hold and decide for yourself what life should look like for you. There is so much more to come for March. Please stay tuned to other inspirations and conversations inside the month of March 2019

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