Back down memory lane.

I remember taking this picture circa 2007, or 08, hard to tell. I had been a few years back in the Twin Cities, secured my studio apartment that I called “The Lab”, and I was working on my artist journey. I had a nightly schedule of painting, writing and three hours of dance. My day time schedule was split between The Normandy In and Suites as a front desk clerk, and MCTC and/ Hamline University. It was a very relaxed period of study and experimentation.

The years to come would be transitioning from hospitality to education. I became a TA at The Best Academy, one of the most awesome experiences in my life. I learned so much working at that charter school in North Minneapolis, met so many great people. For a time, I was able to be amongst the village daily, and work cooperatively with others passionate about our youth. The Best Academy is a school K8, that believes in bridging the gap in education. During my time there, I was also the receptionist.. Shout out to J. Green and Mrs. Brisco, Matthews and Parker and Ms. Hunter the office team that held me down. I taught Direct Education to K-1, shout out to Ms. Ramadan. I worked with so many wonderful educators and community members, Ms. McDaniel, Ms. Fatou, Ms. Foluke, Mr. Zulu, Mr. Gwin, Mr. Price and Mr. Wright. I was in a great place for our students, so many more to mention, but when my tenure was done 2013, after the graduation of the 8th grade girls class of 2012, I had taught performance arts to for nine months, they inspired me to finish my undergraduate degree.

It was a very great day, I am blessed that my dad was alive to see it.

We fought a lot over the years with me wanting to be an artist and not a lawyer, he did not understand why I would arrest my professional priorities, but he later grew to very much understand, it was apart of me.

I tried getting work in the arts, but for all my efforts outside of education, I may have been invisible, because no one could see me.

So I transitioned, working on me, completing things that needed to be completed, such as toxic relationships, and grief. I lost my dad in 2016, it broke me to my core. The thing about being broken is, it’s a perfect time to rebuild with better foundational structure. The 3 little pigs, and their building of houses was sublime at this time. I started to favor houses made out of brick.

Then there was the summer of my discontent. 2018, I was substituting all school year, but when summer hit, I was out of a job. Tried to keep two jobs but my jobs where playing musical chairs. It was a year after I took a year off to produce my show. I was super broke, but I maintained my blog, got a job at Rainbow hustled for a few months, until I secured my professional gig. It was rough, but you have to just keep believing.

Now things are different in the sense that I am not constantly strapped for cash trying to afford supplies, or Uber rides to events. It’s more about money management, and paying myself from my career job, to afford my dream job. I just learn to adapt to the change in season, you should see my jacket closet. Me and finances we have to be besties, I have princess tendencies and sometime they do get the best of my pockets.

I wrote this post as in added note about the site curator. I am just trying to be who I see myself as, and that’s all.. Reaching for my vision. Thank you all for reading, looking at pictures, but most off all, venturing to learn a little more about me.

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