Keep your day job.β˜•πŸ’‹πŸ†—

In a creative space there is so much possibilities. There is also very little time. The thing is if there was more time to be creative, would one use his or her creative time constructively?

This is the era where adulting has become a survivor sport, and every one believes surviving means smiling in a fantasy back drop. For an artist, this is insanity. Artist that live for art practice their passion because it feeds themselves creatively, not just to feed the fanatic trend boosters, in this here today gone tomorrow market.

Keep your day job.

It is the sanest thing I can say to an inspiring creative. If you want it bad enough you will make the time. I lived in 2016 as a full time artist, and part time worker when I was curating and producing Sketches in Blue, my 2017 show at Intermedia arts. I sponsored myself with inheritance from my dad to produce a show I promised I would produce.

The amount of money and time spent was salary, not hourly. I had to pay out of pocket for expenses and to pay myself, and the taxes..let’s not go there. It all seems dandy not wake up to a clock and to have your day stretched before you, but time will get you if you don’t manage it, and time get’s expensive when you are paying yourself.

I must admit, I walk slow though. I spent almost 8 years in a studio just being an artist, living downtown Minneapolis, hanging out at Irish Pub..The Local debating law student’s on civil liberties. I lived as I wanted, and that’s art to me.

As I get older things like 401K and and paid vacation mean, someone else pays the taxes. I mean benefits and development, trainings and other things come into play when competing in an economic market, you see you couldn’t pay yourself enough, without that 24 hrs grind and drive.

We do age, we do need a quality of life. I spent almost 10 years in education after that. I may as well have been below the poverty line. The job takes long hours, real commitment and a love for children that mirrors the heart of Jesus Christ, I promise you. It pays very little, breaks can be unpaid depending on position.

Life is different now. I have a great career in HR, I didn’t see it coming, yet my brilliance in other areas shine through. I am challenged and not often comfortable. It’s not art, but I lean on my varied experience like an artist dabbling in new color mixtures.

In the end please remember in adulting season..Prioritize your dreams, but keep your day job.

I have an influencer that I watch. Ms Shameless Maya! She has really been informative to me during my artist process. Check out this video, I think it does not matter what your level of artist success is, everyone can learn, and become better people and creatives.

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