Slow Grind..

It’s Monday!

Happy Monday to you and yours. I woke up in full acceptance of a start of a new week. I have been sticking to regimens and routines. I have been working on skin care and ways to counter act stress. Self care of alone time, and having open thought sessions, very similiar to brainstorming.

I pray and meditate on greatfulness and being present when I want to run, type stuff. Everyday it takes heavy lifting to discipline myself towards the person I want to be, my best self. The truth is the next 30 years of my life can be awesome, because I have awareness of my personal ability to make it so.

The media is great for inspiration, but everyone has to the the work when it comes to manifesting a vision. 20 years ago, I just wanted to be an artist, it did not matter if I was huge or small in the pond.

I wanted to be courageous enough to grow through the artist process. It was unbelievably humbling.

No pay in that life is worth the money when the experience is gold. Eventually, school needs their money back, and adulting starts to develop rings like trees, you realize there is levels to this grown ish

..Hopefully there is a balance where art meets life. Where fulfullment is cross pollenated and our skills become hybrid.

This process for me was essential. Never stop learning, do cross pollenate your professional focus, possibilities are endless. Like a teacher once told me, “the job you will have in the future has not been created yet, so dream away”.

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