The Season of Discipline

As I mature into adulthood I understand a few key things. Finances are queen, self care is responsible, and business is certain. It’s not enough to feel in the dark when it comes to navigating ones goals. Research is key when it comes to informing and empowering oneself towards different goals.

It’s not that your family and friends don’t support you, you have to do the work first and show consistency. Shout out to Kia “the Soap Lady”, I went to Bloomsburg with her, she was always sharp. I watched Kia through the power of social media grow her brand. I am honored by her, and many other friends Ava Rain, Bryant Stone, Chuck Ingram, Rah Williams, all of them spent time and years growing brands. I have been so inspired watching them grow. Imani too, the point is to believe in yourself is to be consistent. Everyone does not have to get it at first, it does not matter, sharpen yourself, create an elevator pitch, figure out what direction you want to grow in and go to there, lol.

Being honest with oneself really helps, listen to your body and respond. Be well to yourself, you have to matter to you, before you can matter to anyone else.

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