Times are changing, as should we…


We are living in some very different times, so it seems. The world is watching as our political representatives are making very personal decisions that effect an entire nation. The Policies..They are not revealed until after the legislative votes, which in turn holds so little regard for each one of us. Everyone looks at the current president as if he makes choices all by himself, while he has the power to veto it actually takes a Senate and House vote to be passed.

The legislative process is important to consider when discussing laws. We see unfair laws passed everyday both on a Federal and local level. I have witnessed recent protest and have often wondered why we are not looking at our Supreme Court system for checks and balances. I also sit and wonder why the media has become the only way we get what is going on? Their interpretation of the facts are not congruent with the values of the society, or is it?

How do we fight for just laws? The question is easier than we think, our representation depends on the values of those we vote into office. So we can not just sit back and find comfort in putting all the blame on any one person. If we have not done or due diligence as citizens to stay privy to the issues, this truth will have such a strong impression on our lives, then we can not complain in ignorance, because laws are changing everyday.

Liberty isn’t free, our fore father’s whether civil rights leaders, supreme court justices, or presidents did not take the constitution lightly. They did their research and was able to prove through the governing laws of the land that their freedom was not honored. The constitution is a written contract to the people, so the people are obligated to be familiar with those laws to be able to operate as citizens, and that is the facts.

Let’s learn the language of this land and be aware of laws and policies, but most importantly, lets elect officials that not only line up with our values, but also put their words in actions by their deeds  on both Federal and local legislation.


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