Global Fashion and Street style



Since I was very small I had a passion for style. Being influenced by my family who seemed to be stylish by default, I always embellish my world with style, it is very important. Style is not just what you wear or where you go, it’s also about how you live, and I realized that styled living, is the new way to live.


My life as a stylist in a department store came after I had went through several style changes from the time of girlhood all the way through teen-hood. My pink and purple, girly, girly girl style of skirts, dresses and flowers morphed into a prairie gypsy look of long flowy skirts, peasant tops, and lace up boots. I was a little into grunge music and 90’s r&b, and hip-hop, not to mention gospel and soul. Then in junior high I went for the baggy, too big clothes. Tommy Hilfiger, Filas,, more like the urban hip-hop look with the dark eyeliner, slicked back pony, huge hoop earrings and over-sized jersey’s. It was a look, but didn’t last long, by 8th grade I was in my clueless like plaid skirts and and solid tops. i started mixing conservative with rock, with a pop of bold accessories on a streamline straight forward blouse and jeans look. I also liked more fitted skirts and classic tops. I have always been into shoes but it got bad when I got any kind of money. I was buying buckled  wedges, penny loafers, everything but sneakers.

When I started working at the Mall of America, I started to just buy whatever I liked and was kind of confused as to what my style was, it did not seem very cohesive, and mostly was purchased for poetry shows, or nights out, or a conservative look for school.

Bloomingdale’s opened me up to designers I had only seen in magazines. The DKNY, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, and Triple 5 Soul where my go to. I have always gone out to different restaurants in the city. I lived in the hubs of cities because I am not a driver, I am a pedestrian, so I am able to go inside shops when I happen into a neighborhood,  I am usually not in a rush. I will try different restaurants, and I have a few go-toss that I frequent a lot in the city. I plan on creating a post about my top 5 or 10 restaurants or destinations spots in the city., so more to come on that note.

I also was a magazine junkie, I really became bored with American magazines ten years ago and switched to buying magazines from around the world. I really started to get into street style about 5 years ago. I have been following the fashion style on blogs, YouTube, but my favorite platform to find street-style at the moment is Pinterest.

I was able to give up my obsessions with magazines for the sake of fashion alone, I still may purchased them for the collage possibilities, but not as much.

20170224_161317 (3)

I am a cafe loving foodie, who knows her wines and cheeses. I am also a treasure hunter so I love vintage and thrift-ed items that have both a history and a personality. I watched the Spanish channel, and watch travel vlogs on YouTube. I am earnestly interested in people, because they are divine works of art to me. A good drink, good food, great music, and conversation are always recipes for a good time. I love the simple complexities of life. This post is about stepping outside of the mold, and owning my personal style. I am a cosmopolitan, I come from a very cosmopolitan and international city. I am just happy, blessed and overjoyed in Christ, that I get to live it everyday.

I am trying to be more and more conscious of nature and how my habits affect it. A flicked cigarette enough times is a danger, buying things that are toxic for the environment, re using and  working clothes to get more wear, and re restricting my self to only purchasing meaningful items that will improve my life, is essential. I really want to love everything that I own and the stories that come along with it.

I have been watching somewhat of a style documentary put out by Intersection by the New York Times. I love it because it goes all around the world and looks at culture and style through the people’s point of view.

I am not a designer person, I wear what I like, I also do not believe that it takes money to have a great lifestyle. I think it takes investing in yourself to have a great lifestyle. Cooking the foods you want to eat, if you can not afford to go to a restaurant. Making use of very public places if you are a creative to slow down time, eat out doors or people watch. To be social when ever possible, to open up and enjoy life, because everyone deserves it. Sometimes it is as simple as buying flowers for yourself once a week, finding a thrift-ed vase with personality and upgrading the style and the scent factor in an intimate space.

Over the years i realized that people should fall in love with their lives, by finding ways to put themselves in atmospheres that feel truly authentic to them. Have a bottom line, that you do things for yourself that make you smile daily. Prayer, Happiness, and joy are essential for a beautiful life.

Stephanie’s Look Book

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