What we make of it… by Stephanie Mann

What we make of it

What we make of it is terms and agreements

Tell ourselves who we think we are, spit bars limitlessly

While hopelessly aiming for the stars

Splitting ourselves between Venus and Mars

Empowered by flashing lights..looking for that rhythm

That can excite. The time now dawning fast and quick..no one


Is speaking, at least not the one with the talking stick.

All submerged stories that have now become diamonds

Carbonated by the earth. The intricacies, the what you think of me, before

I can be considered a human being. What we make of the things we share, the gift

Of truth, the right to declare, and represent in the mist, if don’t know body care.

Well aware of the subliminal conversation that we are having here.


Talk as if you mean to do it, if not then stop all that mouth moving,

And people ain’t looking for wooden nickels in a time that they have to

Pay their bills..and all that. Our terms and agreements that we have with the air, as

Long as it is around we can breathe easy to be standing here.


Moving how we move amongst each other some race involved, others

Super conscious of the beauty of God’s rainbow. I find myself having to re-inlist

Your papers, so that you may understand that your part of the conversation


Is the actions and decisions that you become as you make your terms and conditions. Remember..It is what you make of it.

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