Step Into my garden -Inspired by Minnie Ripperton


Just recently I was introduced to the album “Step Into my Garden By Minnie Ripperton”. I remember “Loving You”, and other songs with Minnie Ripperton’s effortless range, and soprano vocals, listening to her, I almost forget that she is an actual person and not a music instrument with a varied sound. Some singers are like that for me, but Minnie was an artist I had not really explored like Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, The Isely Brothers, and others. Minnie, was a diamond in the rough, I love music, but until I saw Unsung, I had not realized how untapped of a talent that she was. If I can describe my love for art in order it would be musical sound track and com positional harmony, Image creation and Color specific mood, Design theory and Photo opportunity with color enhancement theory, Story Line, characterizations, wardrobe, three dimensional composition, film, dance interludes, spontaneous conversations, always a DJ and MC present, that to me is a Art Show worth seeing, and creating. I found myself lost in my concept of the ideal artistic experience in both performance and 2D, 3D, 4D, if possible, anything to have a conversation worth having, and make it entertaining for you. To go back into the conversation about Minnie Ripperton, and her album, “Step Into My Garden”, I have truly found my muse and this excites me huge. I have become so disenchanted with music which in some cases the soundtracks inspired stories, and listening to this music today I feel for no better way to see it to be a mind fucking situation. It insults me and seems cruel that the over kill of mind fuckery has infused itself into the day to day of everyday living. I do actually search to have conversations worth having because knowledge that is un shared is does not exist to any one else. I find in listening to the album my love of music, instrumentation, composition, and story telling, either through dance or the written word had returned. Inspired by full bodied music that has seeds of classics with in its melody, a place to find poetry and inspiration, while everyone else are singing the blues. I was also singing the blues and became bored with it, power of the spoken word would not let me cheat myself. So now I am in deep search of the classics, and I am also look for modern day instant classics, because I realized that it is an insult to my sanity to try to get along to get by with today’s Poppy Cock options, Ironically, you can take that literally or figuratively..

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