Deep in thought.. 31, 2018

This week has been really different for me. I walk through the sky ways and notice the greeters that are here for the Superbowl, but my question is, do they notice me?

I see them greet visitors, who are often supporting the team they came to see, as they walk around trying to figure out the inner workings of the sky way system. I wonder at the same time if Minnesotans, whom are not familiar with the city, are as important to help as others who may come to play, or be spectators of the sport?. It is so funny to watch the downtown get set up to host the festivities, and seems like a movie production that will soon pack itself up and head out. Minnesotan artist clamor to be apart of the affair, because this is the time to make a name for oneself on the national stage. I see it, and can’t help but wonder what will actually be the reality when the lights dim, and the city sits with both whatever profit, or minus from the whole affair. I wonder how Minnesota is doing in the midst of all the hoopala? If their hurting hearts will accept next year as an option for a better chance to make it to the Superbowl. I don’t know, but I do ask people on the metro what are their thoughts. Most are both unaffected and uninfluenced by the spectacle. They are waiting for a call back on a job, taking their kids around to appointments, managing work commitments. Most don’t even dream anymore, they have settled for the lull of everyday because that is survival. This chasm that exist in the New Minneapolis, where winners win and losers lose. The builders of the Twin Cities may have had a history of bigotry, but they also invested in the parks, schools and infrastructure. The current leaderships don’t quite mirror that sentiment. I often feel like a visitor in my own home town. More then anything I wonder if we are going to get a clue, and not sell our city down the river, like others do.

I see you Minnesota, and you are ignoring a lot of stuff, I hope you get what you ask for, but you can’t purchase compassion, that is for the courageous.

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