Inspiration 31st, 2018


One of my street-style favorites is Miss Julia, I have followed her since I started my street-style obsession. From Paris to New York, her style game never falters. I love that she has not only made a name for herself, but also that she did so with her iconic fro as her moniker. Big up Julia.. I see you shining.



julia star31




For the foodie

food 31


So, I love food, but it has to be savory, and an experience. i loved to be dazzled by flavors. I have started cooking more creatively these days. it is fun to serve my family and hear them talk about how much they like my food. I tell them i study Pinterest for ideas..Here are a few more.



After the food, that of course, was delicious, it is time to get into an artist watch.


While we listen to the music let me introduce you to some talented artists that I have come to know.

Eric Bowman Tutt'Art@

Jazz Music by Eric Bowman



Distant Pelicans by Michelle Morin


Unknown title, by Frank Morrison

Word of the Day


Thank you so much for joining me, have a brilliant and inspiring day.

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