Global Streets

Style is largely influenced by where you live. If you live some place cold you will dress up in layers, if you are in a seasonally warmer place, you may only do one layer the whole year. I love global style, I have a taste for the way cultures migrate and blend cultural styles in with more contemporary looks. I love to compliment people with great taste, because it actually takes time to put an oufit together. I decided to blog about style influenced from around the world, and not just in major cities in America. The world is global, and we are global citizens. As we learn to embrace this reality, lets take a look at the way people get dress and dazzle from around the world.



European styles mixed with an Afro pop of color, the layering makes practical sense for the season, and you must admit these two look ultra cool, literally. They both found a way to stay within a color scheme, by being everything but matchy, if that’s a word. The colors that they use is smartly muted by a nuetral color that keeps the look from any worry of clashing. This form of style seems so intuitive, these gentlemen have a true understanding of how to work color.



Quality is so important, and when it comes to minimalist style, less is more. The awesome star of this outfit is the dramatic print on the beautiful long silk dress, over a black turtleneck. The Chloe bag, is obviously designer, which lends to the quality of the outfit. The belt adds a pop of color that adds light to the whole presentation. I think the belt is a very important feature to this outfit, because without the belt and pop, you loose the romance of the outfit.



Mix print, and ethnic lines, the pants are parachute pants, but the print is a wintery material that seems to go nicely with the concept of the bright colors in the plaid shirt. The pants being a nuetral adds to the expression of the shirt, and contributes about 75% of this outfits style. The Adidas, are classic shoes, this looks confortable, yet stylish. The additional accessaries definitley individualizes the look and adds Afro elements, which increases the global style influence.



There are so many cultural influences present in this photo, it reminds me why I love global style. The fabrics, and cultural jewelry present adds a spectacle of color that demands attention. The model wears the looks so proudly, I would give her a head nod for pride. She pulls this look off with confidence, not everyone can wear everything, this global style is bold and up front, it demands that the eyes take notice.



Fashion Tribe is a book that I came across on my never ending quest to find global streetstyle. I really got sick and tired of magazines. I felt designers stop realizing that people have been styling themselves for years, and are more interested in tailor made looks. If a look is not for you, why buy it? Fashion Tribe talks about various places and people and their association with style. It is more geopoltical, more social, and more of a conversation than what a basic magazine would explain. Global style mostly talks about how people can do a great deal by using what they got. Elements of style that come from culture, and society, help people know where we have been and where we  are going. When we really look at world travellers, don’t they dress themselves as such?


Cultural Pride is so important to maintain in this ever changing world, at least in my opinion.



What places like Barcelona, Paris, New York, and Amsterdam, have in common is that they are very close to fashion pockets, where photographers, and models meet. In these places the designers are king, or queen. Style infleuncers and brand makers all work together to promote the season’s latest looks. Where style meets capitalism, and where the beautiful people come together to eat style, live style, and exude style, money, and influence. This look is more in line with what the magazines are showing.



Korea is one of my favorite places to look for streetstyle. The relaxed and confortable look that still seems very feminine. The drapy casual fabrics and structured shoes, exudes a dreamy and poetic look. In this era, everything is so tight on a women, this look says, hey, relax, and I am all about that.



Morocco has been on the list for quite a long time. Everytime I think of Morocco, prints come to mind, and the pop of colors that can always be subdued by a nuetral. Morocco isn’t scared to mix print on print. I consider style out of Morocco elegant and ethnic, regal, and boho, at the same time.



Lastly, South Africa. People are so sleep on fashion and style that comes out of Africa. There are so many designers, and prints that are coming out, that actually, I want to do a feature on them. South Africa is where this look comes from. My favorite aspect of this look is the ethnic prints mixed with the classic jazz style. This reminds me of Harlem old vintage glamour with an Afro twist. I love that this couple wears their personality like a crown. Cheers to style!

Thank you, for joining me as I presented just a few looks from around the world. I look for them because as I mentioned I was a magazine junkie, and I figure, just because they are not giving me what I want, doesn’t mean that I have to settle for those options. So just present my own. Have a lovely day, I do hope that you will return.

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