The GOP and their TAx Bill

This evening I watched Nancy Pelosi appeal to her colleagues urging them not to pass the tax bill, but also talked about choosing from the less of two evils. She said that it would not be right to bankrupt the middle class. She also told the GOP that she understood that what she called the tax “scam”, would have to pass or else their backers would pull out of whatever deal she made with these law makers that decided to go to bat for their cause as if anyone had something to gain. As I look at the current landscape of America, I can say that I was not briefed on this aspect of American politics. As far as Nancy Pelosi was concerned this bill did not have a trial, and was not investigated by anyone, she also commented how surprised she was that the bill was moved through so quickly. I can’t say I understand what is going on. I imagine that the boring debates and hearings has turned off so many Americans that no one pays attention until the time of the election.

As an American citizen I am extremeely concerned, the lack of discpline giving to law enforcement that lack in some cases, regard for American lives, and the contrast on what is right and wrong in this country is now skewed and has moved in to a grey space, that likens itself to that of the Twilight Zone. I look around and wonder what kind of world the young people will inherit because as Nancy Pelosi says, “this is the worst bill in the history of America”. It would bankrupt the country for who knows who, and as American see their way of life dissappear into bitcons and the digital era, the fact that their basic freedoms and rights being on the line seems to be of little concern for most.

Politics is not the sexy celebrity that has nothing but something to say, it does not ride around in your favorite car, or got bars for days in a freestyle cipher. Politics is an old hag, with no teeth and is crass as the day is long. She stop caring about people a millenia ago, and seems to be daranged in her old age. The sad part is that she is at the wheel driving American into a place it may not soon recover from, but I am wondering…Is anybody watching, looking and listening, or is it just me?

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