An Observation from the Metro


I walked on the train today after facilitating a classroom of fourth grader’s and I admit that I was very tired. The door of the train opened and I walked on, and just that quick I found myself the topic of conversation from two men that where who I would consider brothers, talking loud about me like I was not even there. I this point I engaged because I am not invisible, and though in there eyes I was. No one could explain to either one of the men that they could not just disregard other peoples boundaries thereby provoking negative conversation. I suppose that topic was too deep for them, because besides their assertion, they had no further interest in the recourse, or the other person’s response to their disregard. This to me is a presentation of a much larger problem. We live in a narcissistic culture,  and in the I and me there is no we, and we see this everyday and just bare through it. A man from Mississippi also told me that Minnesota blacks are confused,  why do I think that his observation is short sighted? I asked where in the United States are all these “woke blacks”, and why don’t we know about this Eden of a place? The reason is the problem we face as a community is worldwide, and it’s cool to make observations, but what is the solution? everyone can list problems, in my case two men tried to be a problem for me because they felt like it. Selfishness, we can call it what ever we like, but the whole attitude of denouncing the reality of other people’s problems because we are so blind to our own, makes us to blind to see we have the same problems. Why disrespect me? I am tired, like you, of disrespect. In some case, disrespect are some people’s normal, I am not saying I know best, all I am saying, we cannot be narcissistic, we must learn to be civil once again.

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