Street style, and Style predictions Summer/ Fall 2017

We are currently in the dog days of summer, the time when we are all transitioning and getting a little bit more sun before we are submerged under the dark dank cover of fall and winter seasons. I must admit that summer into fall is my favorite time of year, perhaps it is because I am a December baby, and love the spirit of the Holidays, but I think that I have always loved the back to school season, and even though I am no longer a student, I still live the idea of shopping, fashion trends, and new trends for fall. when I would look at magazines, I used to cut out all the pieces I thought where going to be awesome trends, and I would always be right. My secret is, I don’t like trends, I love when classics are modernized and styled in such a way that it is unique to the individual wearing it, and abhor the whole idea of uniforms. So I decided to go and find some looks that I think are going to be very inspirational during this shopping and or stylish season.

Mixed Prints


One of my favorite style trends is the idea of mixed prints. I love it because it screams diversity in one outfit. Everything is legal as long as the colors are agreeable, and this is also a great opportunity to be creative when it comes to fabric. Notice how the model of above works with black and white stripes and pairs the top with a print that has a dazzling array of colors. To top it all of she wears a vest made out of synthetic animal fur. which creates a very touchable, and eclectic look. I love it when style capture’s the essence of a person’s personality and I feel this young lady deserves a gold star for her look, because it is fly.

Easy Breezy


The look that will always be the be quintessential classic look would be the casual collared, button down shirt, classic dark blue jeans and oxfords. I love this look it agreeable for just about every occasion, it is comfortable and commands an air of respect because it is so effortlessly put together, and very simply accessorized. This look is for the woman on the run, she would never have to wonder if she looks the part, because by keeping it simple, she always stays stylish.

T shirts and Style


T- shirts are amazing and they can dress down any outfit, or even give any outfit a unique twist that actually may improve it. There are so many T- shirt’s on the market and this era it is very easy to see that T-shirts make the perfect statements. The other wonderful thing about T-shirt style is that T-shirts are no longer just for jeans. T shirts can be paired with skirts, over dresses, and even under a casual suit jacket. I look forward to exploring the possibilities with T-shirt style, but for now I will just keep it at, the way wearing T-shirts are changing.

The evolution of Shorts in Style


Like T-shirt style, shorts are making a major come back and they are not just reserving their time for the summer months. Shorts are coming out all year long in some places, where they are often paired with a more dressier top and dark tights, or layered with a longer button down shirt that act s as a sweater of sorts, adding extra insulation. I am starting to like the look more and more, as i love any fashion that accentuates the legs. I want to definitely create a look and personalize it for myself, but this fashion trend is not going anywhere anytime soon.

For the Sophisticate


I am a fan of jackets and coats, and I do believe they are essential for layering. Living in the Twin Cities, it gets cold and the weather has a mind of her own. To keep up, its wise to have clothes from spring to fall available, to answer this dilemma, layers became a solution and layering became an art form. This is an example of layering for late summer early fall, as the night creeps in, the cold does too.


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