April Journal 2023

Things I learned to keep myself honest

Start the morning with prayer
When my alarm goes off turn on the lights, to stay up
Stick to a morning routine, to not forget anything
Plan, budget, check transaction history daily
Stay consistent
Keep the promises I make to myself
Own the spaces and places I chose to dwell
Slim down on company in increase the quality
Dare to see things with new eyes
Save to upgrade

Upgrade wardrobe to reflect the future me.

Last night, I attended a small meet up with my friend Anthony and he introduced me to a community organizer named Manny.

Manny working on the level with representatives, and other community members question if most are in it for the clout or to actually do the work of improving the odds for the community. The frustration is no doubt, I’d one has to question if the colleagues around them are prepared to embrace more then the status quo. There seems to be talking heads in shiny suits, that appear ready for every photo opt but do very little to actually help, or bring progress to the community they are here to serve.

The conversation then goes to personal accountability, why? Because everyone in the end will have to account for their deeds, whether good or bad. What is amazing to see is the wheat that will no doubt be separated from the shaft.

The evening, in spite of the heaviness of the discussion was great, I had the Plumberry Tart, and we had pizzas from Joni’s…NE after dark never disappoints, and besides the great conversation the decor was wonderful

Personally, I am loving the plants being infused in most of the spaces and places that I had the pleasure of going to.

On a separate note. Style wise. I heard of something on Instagram called Denim Day, it was attributed to a young girl who experienced sexual assault from a driving teacher, and in protest and support denim day was established.

At the end of the work week, 2 Co workers of mine had denim themed outfits, and I really loved their look, and told them how that was a Denim Day look..Each one teach one.

Also last night as I was walking back to @Dangerous Man Brewing from ordering our pizza’s from Young Joni’s I saw a couple who I had to get a picture of, and share the story of Denim Day, the were awesome and appreciated the information.

Sometimes, or most of time, being a writer that blogs, is more about writing observations, and informing, educating as well as participating with the community as if anyone and everyone is apart of it.



10:24 am at the Lyndale Bryant Cafe. I was having a most interesting conversation by Rafeal, a gentleman in his late 20’s about everything from influences to AI. The conversation seemed deep, mainly because generationally we exist in two different worlds.

The depth of understanding when realizing a whole generation literally grew up on social media and so perception of the world has been highly informed by a very curated world view.

The deterioration of society shows in the lack of the youths understanding of the world that existed before them. A group think culture that is cushioned with the belief that they have been told the truth about the world.

The amount of people who are illiterate, don’t know basic geometry, history, of economics are staggering. We are more connected in this information age than we have ever been. Yet, we are very uninformed, living in a very artificial world, we don’t know how to grow things, build things.

We doeven know how to maintain our 5 basic needs. Food, water, clothing, shelter, and love. These things are expensive while we buy cheap things and give them more value.

Is anyone paying attention?

I liken the times to the twilight zone, so hypocritical, deceptive and full of folly and angst.

People are filled with depression, anxiety, mental stress, psychosis, unreality, that has been preventing forward growth, but instead invite bad habits like drinking and smoking excessively, isolation, are a lack of discipline that is both preventable, and self sabotaging in the same breath.

No one makes since…and the confusion goes..

I believe we can pretend the house isn’t burning until we smell smoke, but, by then there is no oxygen…

Where are we headed?

SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE Pimento Jamaican Kitchen…

@the Bauhaus Brewing

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