It took a very long time to put this post together thoughtfully in terms of the them and out of respect of the times.

It occurred to me as a copper colored re-named and often invisible woman that the first issue is that we call our men black. I was observing the months we celebrate outside of black history month, other history, or even people don’t refer to themselves as a color, as to be not a code, for something else. We do we black and proud, we are black people with black sons, we say black, but what are we really saying with this coded word they gave us. Are we speaking life in to ourselves, our men or our community by staying in blackness, and not celebrating being children of God? I think it’s time to meditate and pray on what our name really is. We are sons and daughter of the Most High God

We would talk to each other like it if we believed it. There is no half stepping on the truth. We can’t get free, until we get well, and wellness matters.

Our men have been under attack since Adam and the serpent, been the same story ever since, and people think it’s  a myth, but it happens everyday. Are we OK?

Our sons are following the pied piper off a cliff, in a trance. Others are in prayer preaching the word of God. Fighting for their generation in prayer. We can only support them, and encourage them, they have to do the work to earn the knowledge and wisdom to grow on.

Men of style have no idea the power the wield when they walk in the room. They consume the air, or one would think so because people literally gasp, when they stroll by, to say hi, or hello….Heavy on the mellow, the character shines without even having to say one word.

To be loved by a man rich in melanin and soul is solid gold, he breaks the mold, even with the world on attack, the weight of the world on his back. He is chosen, pray for them, celebrate our boys and men, and give them the tools they need to stay faithful, grounded, with eyes ever looking to God’s favor. May their crowns all be restored.

More like this…Better Together!

Thank you so much for joining me. Check out my post for the ladies coming soon. Until next time!

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