2023! January Journal

It’s 2023, and I could not be happier that the year has changed. 2022 was a year of making strides, practicing consistency with both my skincare routines, and staying in contact with friends

It was a year of stepping out of my box, and going out to more events and places. COVID, and my own personal issues had me locked in the house I 2021.

2023 is a year of promise, it brings hope and miracles in each moment because we are all blessed to have made it this far.

I brought in the year with the flu, it really redefined self care on a whole other level.

I believe in holistic health, so it really challenged me to take chlorophyll, black seed oil, lemon juice detox, several gallons of water, and so much more.

Being sick and all, I ordered food a lot, which were not the best choice for the gut when your trying to recover from a flu, but you live and you learn. I can make food, above are examples of what my meals usually consist of..

The focus for 2023 is self care and balance. We don’t have anything if we do not have our health, and anything we can do to take better care of ourselves will be wealth, believe me.

This year I also have some upgrades that I would like to make to the blog, more to come on that.

I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, we will do this again in Spring, but for now, think we’ll, stay well, and be well. Until next time!

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