The September Switch 2022

Well welcome, it has been a while, but hopefully this hits right on time💯

The September mood is inspired by none other than change, as the temperature cools, and the first layer has now a second layer, warm drinks,soups and teas. The need to burrow in, or at least make plans to. Here in Minneapolis, one of many places in Minnesota, we are beholden to this dance, so dance with me as we prepare.

First thing first, I would like to give honor to God, and his Son Jesus who is the Lord and Savior of my life. There is no other way for me, I truly love the Lord with all my heart.

So the idea is to inspire His people both near and far, because we are living in days once foretold, but never before once seen. Keep the faith all who reads this, God’s got the whole world in his hands. Amen!

Shifting Gears…

There things to cover this month one of the first topics that I became aware of at an Industry Mixer here in Minneapolis that promoted diversity film, was about the upcoming Whitney Movie. Well I’m sure the actress will be great and the film will be chronologically accurate. However, we only got one Whitney, and she wasn’t treated very well before her passing. I think we all still need a moment. It’s the audacity for me. In the memory of the queen Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

And since we are here…

Janet, Miss Jackson, if your nasty..

Whitney, and Janet, not to mention Mariah, Anita Baker, Sade, Cherelle, Shirley Ceasar, John Pee Kee and countless others made my childhood amazing. I certainly did not have to look far for  influences. Cosby, and what would to be the plethora of content for people color and the world became a better place for it.80’s babies were spoiled rotten, and the artist where not all hype but mega, and super. I can talk about ,Micheal Jackson, Prince, Troop, so many… I am aure you all get the picture. Life and times were Flava, and the one star that was a trendsetter across many mediums and continues to do so is Janet Jackson.

I could elaborate but do I have to? I would say not. Look her up, and then see why their can only be copies of an original..

Switch to Change…


Up is the Little Mermaid whole conversation that after what I just presented boggles my mind.

Unpopular opinion, we don’t need other stories to feel empowered we have plenty of culturally relevant stories of our own. As a storyteller I so wonder why we as a people get behind big corporate giants with a history of misreprentation and think it’s going to work out? There are other creatives in the space of storytelling that can present their own works without ruffling feathers. Virality on the internet is best controversy and vice versa.

Moving on…

Fall inspires the cozy, warm comforts of the seasons. It’s good for long wonderful conversations, great drinks and amazing food. Chilies, ClamWin Chowders, the hot dishes, and pastas all come to mind to help anticipate the mood of the season. As the season has officially changed. I have a few ideas.

Good food can not be beat, and once you have created a wonderful menu, you can find the ingredients, put it together, and the wonderful smells will waft through you home, and you will see the benefits of saving money, and eating well at the sametime.

Headlines, and Updates

The society slumbers while the world is at war. I wondered why things like Chloe Baily being caste as Aerial, or Nina Long being cheated on, or Nick Cannons child farm, or even challenges featured on local social media platforms, gain so much attention.

More to come until next time. Stay tuned for Fall styles, design, decor, and fashion inspirations.

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