Culture Clash and the Rise of Propaganda 2022

In this day in age, it is hard to get one’s bearings, practice self love, render healthy love to others, or be a constructive and critical thinker in this era, of “say this, not that”. I have watched people have their platforms taken down, while it turns out, that they were right all along. The American right to Freedom of speech has gone uncriticized to a privileged few, while others lose everything they worked for and are banished to the nether regions of the internet.

Some may notice, most may not, because there is an influx of distractions, bad news, more virus’, and an overwhelming amount of scamming around just about every corner. The marketing to create a sense of something purely made up, to sell to the consumer.

Let’s talk about the consumer, the folks like you and me who pay more for basic items due to the inflation, the one who has not only worry about the pandemic that has been inconsistent, and decisive at best, each year, or even every couple of months there is a new unnatural disease or virus that emerges, with companies clamoring to find a way to profit off of the suffering and uncertainty of its people.

This is not only ironic, it’s the world we are living in where culture is at, everyone just wants to go viral, be famous, a millionaire, or just boast their friends. Vanity in most cases makes it easy not see what is really going on in the world.

If you post the wrong thing, or scripture or anything that is not the propaganda, you will have low engagement and very soon your platform may seem to be invisible.

There is a “why”, but it really doesn’t matter, there are more of us who like to see ourselves living our best life, then to think to critically about our surroundings. The problem is us, we have grown lazy with our priviledge of having constitutional rights, knowing what those rights are, challenging things legally, and allowing elected officials dictator abilities for the sake of pseudo safety.

Do you feel more or less safe?

This essay is a reflection of journalism that points out that speaking out of turn is sometimes necessary to stop the mind breaking, soul snatching, which has become normalized.

Everything is upside, downside, illusional disillusionment, I pray everyone stay motivated towards being good to yourself and others, as well as have true conversations that matter.

Thank you for joining me, until next time.

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