Pomp and Circumstance 2022

Is anyone else thinking that we are extras in a blockbuster movie, under dressed, over stressed, and doing our best to say sane and in character?..Action! was called a long time ago, and there does not seem to be a break in sight?

I’m praying for each and everyone, that you all stay prayerful, diligent, healthy, and both mentally and spiritually well.

There is in fact a synchronized pattern, and I find this fascinating. Time seems to be moving faster, either that or takes more time to do things. Either way, as a friend tells me..”Don’t think too hard”.

There is always beauty in the moment if we own it. What we focus on becomes our mood, our day, our actions, or lack there of.

This seems wrong on so many levels. Makes one wonder, has anything changed, other than the fashion?

Few know this, but there was a slight contention during the Harlem Renaissance between the men and woman artist and writers at the time. Not that there had to be, but it was about the focus of the movement that was being created. The men became great orators, and writers talking about social issues, while the woman focused on more community based, or domestic issues inside the family.

Perspective is everything and often where you look. Within generations the family unit was under attack, and has since been weakened, and well Harlem never recovered from the internal divide. We can learn a lot from this.

The world knows better than we do. We still can’t see what has been there all along.

Talk about PTSD. We are some resilient people.

The narrative has always been the same.

Talk about inspiration. She is an unearthed diamond. A pearl in the mouth of a clam. Open up!

They walk side by side eternally now.

An ode to elegance!

Books are worlds that transform you, challenge you, and dares you to complete. They have more respect for your person, than a smart phone does.

Rose is still a rose. Aretha Franklin and Lauryn Hill…

“Baby girl, you’re still a flower…”

Tell ’em..

Books, check them out!

Thank you all ever so much for joining me yet again, until next time. May God and the love and blood of Jesus bless and keep you!

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