Creation Station …The artist process

The way things work out, is always better whatever it is. God has a plan so big, that we shouldn’t worry to much about the details.

This what I have to remind myself, when any anxiety kicks in. The fear of failing, and at times not doing enough.

It’s the drive that keeps me going, the vision, the truth. At times, I find that I have researched too much, worked too many hours, that there is no balance between rest, art and cleaning.

The maintenance of the details of daily life, laundry, groceries, and the basics.
It all takes motivation to balance and I do my best, because clutter isn’t preferred. I have to tell myself, keep moving forward.

I wonder how many out there try to balance themselves, between going into a creative world, after clocking out from the full time hustle?

For the moments that are Urban Gypzy moments, those writing’s demand a bit more time, contemplation, conception.

It’s a brilliant space, the artist process, pushing forward in faith, following your heart to stay motivated, because you are sure it knows the way.

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