Well we made it this far, let’s celebrate that, its not every day we walk into August 2021, as the year is just flying by. So let’s try to capture as much as possible from the time that has passed, is now here, and what it would be like to glimpse into a possible future.

I suppose this is like an era of personal narratives. Everyone one will have their own story. It’s safe to say we are making history, somehow together. Feeling the most human emotions right now, then it hits what we all are, and why we matter.

Lessons are learned hard, because in a lot of ways, we have become hard headed, vain, jealous, cunning, lascivious, untrustworthy, ingenuous, and most of all lacking any personal conviction. Over the years, ever tormented by the faces of death t v. That plays the same movies on repeat.

Menacing music creating a monster type of society.

The food we eat, laced with carcinogens, you dont have to smoke to injest it, go tell your friends.

And while we breath the air, chemicals fall like dust to be absorbed in the skin. The pesticides that blow in the wind. A silent Spring that is not only silent, but hidden.

How long did we think we could turn our head and watch the news play out on t v ? Look at all the places in a month have been submerged in floods, famine and disease, the fight to contain chaos is being waged everywhere…

As to not ignore the complete elephant in the room.

Save our Children Father God! In Jesus name…Amen!

Is and will always be my prayer.

We pretended like we didn’t care, when the plastic choked the fish and the rain forest burned. Now the gulf of Mexico explodes, but do we care? Time will tell that tale..

We need to heal, and learn to breathe more deeply, as we evolve through these times. It’s the perfect time to grow into the people we can be for the sake of each other. To promote healthy relationships, and conversations, as well as safe spaces to express oneself as needed.

Everything has a beginning, this is a great time to be a great person, that is all I’m saying, lol…The world truly needs heroes in small doses, that make a daily difference.

Here on Urban Gypzy, you can expect a great blend of social consciousness, faith, as well as the moda inspiration, because one still has to find mental peace and solace somewhere in the midst of the storm.

Thank you for stopping through on your way to do your thang…

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