Inspiration Page Aboriginal Summer

There are so many invisible people in this world, and they are invisible for various reasons. Their history could have been washed away with the flood, re written or out lawed. Then there are those who feel invisible in terms of class advantage, access to great education and a wonderful life is not afforded to everyone. Another type of invisibility is being scarred, imperfect, and self conscious of said imperfections, it reduces confidence. Depression and oppression are very real,but in some cases it’s like what came first? The chicken or the egg?

There are a lot of us out there that suffer from invisibility having to overcome passed the lack of expectations, push to put the narrative on front street that often rest in the back inside dusty books no one reads anymore. The stories are no longer moving but trauma tells, in the form of behaviors, it’s fables we tell ourselves to scared to do our history and learn the truth. It may not be profitable for one to grow in confidence, but it sure is healthy for the soul.

Places of beauty, and rooms of inspiration should belong to everyone, for some its reality, others a state of mind, while others, imagination, no less it lives in all of us.

Where do I start when it comes to the ways of this inner conflict, in places that are easier to be in, under other circumstances. How to type in the way to be the truest at this moment. To extend past myself to a place where we can meet.

When your history can be rewritten and repeated so often the narrative sets, and the color that is in every place is downgraded to spare white spaces that grows fat of off the lies, to the detriment of the people.

It was obvious and in our face, but we could not see passed what we were taught not told, if we could not find it in a book, our logic embroiled in academic rhetoric looking past the truth to believe the lie, like in modern times.

I guess in art no one was hiding, but what we were looking for was informed by the narrative we were giving, lost looking and never finding.

Plants like people are diverse,numerous and wonderous. God majesty shows in all He creates. Truly God’s world is the wonder of dreams. We too busy chasing pavements to see. I have taken the time to show some inspiration in the form of plants.

I am sure poets and lovers are inspired by the beauty and splendor of the simplicity of nature. How it gives so freely and asks nothing for itself but to be a good steward.

Color, is like love, it’s the spice of life, without it everything would be black, white and hues of grey.

These are examples of art favorites inspiration for the month of July.

To be cute, there is no time, but all the time, ya dig? Even doing nothing, always look like something.

Just a few ideas inspired by July, get the most out of the season, your life is your romance with God, you simply share it with others. Remember that!

Design, Decor, Delights and so much more, see below…

You are what you eat, and how you treat people. That’s my PSA!

So, I started doing portrait walls, after being inspired. Here are some ideas for art, plants and books, for the lover in each and everyone.

Thank you so much for coming through. Until next time!💯🌸👸🏾

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