Blush 2021

So let’s be inspired, I am truly all about the floral and fauna. This post will be inspired by my favorites of all time. I little bit of floral, a dash of pink, and a dollop of magnificent, I mean why do anything less?

So darling, life can be as amazing as you want it to be, if you are willing to do the work for it. Time is not even free, put that in perspective and strap up them boots it’s time to work. All while looking fabulous, motivation is key.

Next is the beauty of having options, thinking outside of the proverbial box for a second and just imagine all the options that exist out there, then ask yourself, “How many, if any, have you tried?” Your life will expand in moments, try it.

So I said more pink, right? Yes!

Pink is a show starter and a neutral at the same time. It truly can do it all, I’m such a fan of all of the varieties.

So, as you stroll in summer, do pack some pink, it plays well with others.

Mix that print and be bold, pink can take it!

About plants, that fauna, I was telling you about. Did you know about the colorful types that exist? Perfect for bringing a burst of foliage into your world.

Look into varieties and choices, options that best suit you and go from there. Your best life will find you along the way.

As always, we will chat soon. Until next time.

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