Captured Vision

I am sitting around this morning, type sleepy and trying to be inspired.

I have been listening to nature lately, and I hear conversations, as I used too, when I used to have conversations with the trees, a long time ago.

My mind goes Parisian inspired with Ghanaian print and couture.

A gourmet coffee drink, along with a style and music ‘zine, over dressed for the cage scene dreaming, with only the next photo or word to cultivate.

Les Nubianne’s “Makeda”, plays…

I venture home, switch from my out clothes to my in clothes, quickly gathering materials to sit and paint.

Trying to paint today’s conversation, a random lucy, brought adrift the depth of the rabbit whole…glass of wine, everything’s fine..Time drifts, I slip in and out of time writing again, wearing out the ink of my pen, just to transcribe it online, again.

Until next time!

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