March, the Spring has Sprung!

Moving right along into 2021, I have to say, the long winter, made quite an emotional impact. The desire to want to get up and go greatly declined in the midst of all this madness, and well, we all could use some much needed inspiration, so here we go!

Travel, is definitely something that is on the horizon, whether a day trip out of the city, or a longer trip, there is more then one way to travel. There are also staycations, to stay in and enjoy the rent you already paid for, eat the food you already bought, and laze about, but dont forget about the skincare, or you will live to regret it.

If you need idea’s on how to stay cute, as the warmer sun emerges, check out some of these lewks.

Eyes, are soul windows, and in the era of mask wearing, eyes can still make a statement with color, and a little creativity, more examples below:

Eyes, and outfits are extremely underrated compliments. I look forward to see more eye candy, and drama as we approach Spring.

Color beautiful, we all have various aspects of our personalities that make us unique, facial features, and mannerisms embrace the fullness of who we are, and how we are associated with things that are our favorite. I love art, I believe the world is full of color and expression. I wanted to add a few examples of the type of art that is inspiring me at the moment.

aint journals, pastoral scenes, architectural drawings and flowers, and historical reads are mood this season. An ode to art deco, the infinite modern classic, not exclude the new wave of digital painters and graphic artist that are major contributors to the scene at this time.

Beauty is about embracing what you love about yourself and deciding to let it shine!

Style is about how we suit up, what statement are we making about ourselves? And whether or not we develop a comfort in accepting ourselves, and adding some trim to support our ideas of ourselves.

This Spring, whether in a cold or cool, even warm environment, embrace your style, embrace words you love. Sophistication has always been a key word of style influence for me, what would be a key style word for you?


High waste pencil, with fitted graphic top. Way to make a statement, without saying anything at all.

Graphic T, and boho floral skirts. Mix prints for a sunny afternoon.

Some days are for sheer simplistic beauty, for those days, dresses with light fabric and ample movability.

Until next time, stay fly, and keep it moving!

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