It’s been quite an October, and as the weeks have been rolling by, the colors of the season has rushed in splashing waves of color, a new hue to paint each landscape of your day. As per usual, I have some style, cuisine, and decor conversations. To say, there things going on out there, this being an election year, find happiness where you are, with what you have. That is my PSA, for the day.

Let’s get into it!

As we all get cozy in our homes, we are able to have a decor that resembles who we are. When your domain reflects you, you truly have a important space to retire at the end of a day. Decor, it does not have to be excessive, in fact minimalism has changed the game and modernized the minimalist life style. To create a surrounding that brings peace and comfort, and those things are paramount to your well being.

I Have A Few Ideas.

Classic chic

When it comes to decor I am so feeling, well, floral, but also the maximalist version on furniture upholstery and wall paper, I have always loved wall paper in a home, each room then has a different feel. In times where a person would go big on design and color, they can go minimal with furniture.

So this October theme on Urban Gypzy is the sultry classic, an ode to the romantic style with a taste of modern. I am a fan.


In this era, where we have come to a slow, all be it, a near stand still, and the things around us don’t make sense. Stay healthy, and do what you must, where you can manage. At home excersize routine, because there are coaches on YouTube, learning a new skill, because there is Skillshare and free Masterclasses. Going on long walks, because you need to have great circulation. And above all else, eat well, because food is medicine.

Style Guide..Streetstyle Addition

I believe am like most, when I say the whole get up and get dressed thing after a while feels a lot like pretense, if you have no where to go. I was thinking about this, I believe now, any day you get up, is a day worth dressing up a bit for, why? Because when you feel like you, you are you.

Of course, I have a few ideas…

Now that we have addressed the basics let’s go a bit deeper, in to October’s Autumn.🍁🍂

To stay balanced, practice what you need to feel you.


Another inspiration diving deep into October is the terrariums, I have turned into such a fan, after having started my urban garden in my apartment. Something to nurture during this difficult time. So I decided we can talk terrariums, I think they should be in trend this season.

The theme of this post is to inspire you to stay balanced, and love who you are fiercely, you matter, you have a purpose, please treat yourself well.

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