Steven’s Square, MIA and Eat Street…A perfect Saturday.

I grew up in South Minneapolis, and have always loved my city. Before I moved up North to Cloquet, MN, for a stint, my stomping ground was the Stevens Community area. It was also my Mother’s in her history, and I can understand why.

My Dad was a musician who also played his trumpet in local parks, he was a man of many talents, both of my parents were apart of this community so much so, that I often already knew my teacher’s and principal’s before I started attending a school.

Walked by and heard a guy, he played his instrument, I thought trumpet? No, Saxophone? Could that be my old instrument? The clarinet making that sound? Wow!
Beaded pink vintage top.

It is one of the most historically known area that has always been artist and student friendly, and provides great backdrops for those who like to set up a place and practice their art, whatever type of creative expression that may be.

The Architecture has changed with some significant add on in space as their are large company donors. With all the investment over the years Minneapolis Institute of Arts is free to the public, and should be apart of an experience, if Minneapolis is ever a destination. Chiffon top also featured.

When I was in 4th grade we moved to this side of town. My sister worked at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and it had taken no time for it to become my stomping ground.

I hung out there for fun, and could be found tucked in corners looking at a art piece for longer then a while.

The museum has ancient art, and antiquity mostly. Greek and Roman art. Egyptian art, art from Meso America. It also features art from Japan and other cultures all around the world.

Do you see the Afro?

Storytelling through Art

Skectch rendering, also featured in this exhibit.

Just a few examples of the art featured on the first floor.

It was such a pretty day, so I went to b. Thrift.

When you go to b. have a bag already, if you find something and buy it without a bag, you will have to take it in your hands.

You have to past Glam Doll doughnuts to get there. Good thing I am not a sweets person, but if you are..

b. Is on Eat Street in Minneapolis.

Streets where I used to catch the bus, when I went to school. 4th-most of 6th grade.

b. has mostly clothes, and some pretty interesting finds, and did not find anything this day.m, however I did find a vintage Bob Marley T-shirt that I love, a beaded top that was pink💞, and a white chiffon tank. I like these pieces they add perfectly with my wardrobe.
The T-shirt is cotton and its ridiculously comfortable.

I find that the things I buy second hand, I wear more and keep for a long time. I am into fashion sustainability, there have been other post that discussed my feelings on waste, and excess. I am into taking what I can’t carry, when it comes to most things. Thrift stores show you clothing and objects have a draw, somewhere in there you can find something so unique, it has your name on it, like you, whatever it is will have lived many lives.

Thank you for joining me, on my trip through my new and old stopping grounds. More to come.

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