The Beauty of Mornings, and sleepy Afternoons.

Live is a canvas to paint as you delight.

I have always been a fan of mornings that inspire brunch, long conversations, and good coffee. And to be naturally beautiful at the same time. Classic things..I am made of the classic and inspired by the tried and true.

There is a reason for the season. Pay attention to the times.

Mental health during this time, I could stress the importance more. To take walks, start reading a good inspirational book, getting back to the Bible, skating, organizing, regrouping is needed self care. To grow longer legs, there will be pain. Dare to grow, don’t ya know?

Cook to your delight.

Sometimes you get sick of your cooking and order out. Also you have to have groceries to stay in. It’s a money trap, but be smart. Perhaps the budget needs rewriting, or a strategy in the form of a menu. Perhaps even have designated days you would allow food splurges, whatever the case. Don’t be a sucka.

This includes the temptation of online goods, for the cheap price. Consider this, each dollar that you give away, is one less dollar in your account. Basic Math.

The world needs to ask more questions.

We stare at the experts and all of a sudden feel perhaps, they don’t know any more then we do. Keep hope alive, the truth always parades through.

Glow Up

There are so many ways to heal and restore the body. To bring back balance. I will always stress that prayer is important. Taking care of your mind body and soul is essential for survival. Live well.

I won’t preach, but medicinal and holistic approaches to life can also help. Nature is our friend

The world is full of wonders isn’t it? So much to experience, so many new friends to meet. I heard this in a Barbie cartoon, but it’s gold. “Leave room for the friends you haven’t met yet, and places you never been.”

It’s easy to feel alone, that’s when negative thoughts invade. Stay passionate, and focus on building a better you. Worry wasted time.

How is everyone doing out there in isolation? Not everyone the same for sure. Check in on your family and friends.

There is so much more to come. I hope you stay tuned to this vibration.

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