Keep the Faith

Here we are, the world has been flipped turned upside down, and now the term stay woke means that we were all sleep to the sheer possibility of this.

Things my friend’s say…@naturalgirlsrock

So distracted by one tragedy, the one on the horizon was hiding in plain sight. And we are seeing the color of our souls in times of tribulation, as the media turns in to a fear monger that rather sensationalize then to stay grounded in the facts.

Greed is poison, and has been our biggest distraction, how to have more, be more do more, be more popular. To always want is to be never rest, now the whole world is arrested, and how unprecedented is this? My Mom said, “last time the whole world was affected was the great flood”, as told in the Bible. A great deal of humans considered times written in the Bible as this fables, we see know, they were anything but.

A little something to soothe the soul in times such as this we have an obligation to love each other, pray for each other. Also to be reminded the God is the Father and the head of our lives, however humbling, it’s no less true, we are not in control.

Time to get back to the Word of God, and taking the head out of the clouds. Let’s not perish for lack of knowledge, let’s heed the instructions long provided.

Every day we are here is a blessed day, Everytime we serve others is a great act. What we do with this time will have lasting impact on our future.

Stay well, my heart is with all of us, none excluded.

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